With the initial line of a human who dreams, we searched for the most appropriate adjective to describe the process of this thought, the resulting emotion, the overall vigilance of the spirit. Theorist -> Means the conscious thinker, one who thinks about theoretical issues or deals with matters of high concern about man, society, values, life, etc. One who develops ideas on a particular subject which explain why certain things happen or are true. One who constructs theories, especially in the arts or sciences. Kazantzakis was one of the greatest Greek theorists of the century. This very connection came to complete the story of the physical store we were asked to design, located at 01 Kazantzakis Street, Rethymno. Cretan, thinker, great for his work and way of thinking. Throughout the corporate identity we borrow elements emphasizing the quality and perspective of the writer, poet and philosopher of modern Greece.